Murray Bevan - Cutting His Teeth In Fashion

"Everyone turns into a monster at Fashion Week [and] the nicest people you’ll ever meet will turn into the most vicious, unkind people and it’s mostly about invitations to shows." - Murray Bevan, Founder of Showroom 22.

Murray Bevan is the founder and director of Showroom 22 in Auckland and works with a stable of designers and brands such as Ingrid Starnes, sustainable label Kowtow and Karen Walker Eye wear, alongside international labels like Levis, Adidas, Neuw and Le Specs, among others.

"I started this business as a 22-year-old guy pitching to this industry that was established with older women," says Murray.

Murray Bevan, image by Katherine Lowe

Murray Bevan, image by Katherine Lowe

In this podcast Murray talks about cutting his teeth in the industry at the tender age of 22 and why people turn on a dime at fashion week shows in a fight for the front row.

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