Allbirds - Tiptoeing into the Marketplace

Allbirds is a sustainable footwear brand that entered the industry a year ago without screaming at the top of their lungs. Instead, they quietly tiptoed into the consumer marketplace.

With a focus on sustainable materials and ethical production, the Allbirds approach to business is multi-faceted.

Allbirds wool lounger, image supplied.

“There is a fashion component to what we do [because] whenever you wear something [it] says something about you and [to] me that is the definition of fashion,” says founder Tim Brown.

The U.S-based Kiwi wanted to create something more meaningful in the ‘casual’ footwear category that steered clear of synthetic materials and capitalised on one of New Zealand’s natural resources - fine merino wool. The label prides itself on their ethos of ‘executing with less,’ which has been pivotal for the brand in an overcrowded market.

Intensive research has gone into the making of the shoe, with approximately 27 iterations before the first product hit the market. And taking the risk to do the opposite of what the industry demands is also paying off. Since launching the label they’ve raised $27.5 million in venture capital funding, but that also comes with big expectations.

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