TWOONE: Politics, painting and a forgotten world

Hiroyasu Tsuri, aka TWOONE is a muralist, photographer and painter based in Berlin. He came to New Zealand two years ago for Pangeaseed’s Sea Walls project in Napier and his upcoming exhibition in Paris explores 'Statues From a Forgotten World.'

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Lauren Hahn's Beautiful Unease

Gender, identity and the role of women are potent social issues today and Auckland-based Lauren Hahn's photographic work reflects values that align with these: “I’m very into social justice and feminism, so [I think] about those things all the time..."

*Warning: Contains nudity.

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The Creative Shop Keeper, Lucy Johnston

The Creative Shopkeeper by Lucy Johnston will have you rethinking your approach to online and bricks and mortar retail and provides in insight into the most innovative and creative, independent retails spaces around the world. Read this review by Sonia Sly...

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