'Camel Light' Inspired by Friday Night FOMO

Post-punk meets futurism in the latest collection ‘Camel Light’ by independent Kiwi label Starving Artists Fund.

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Camel Light

A new collection by Starving Artists Fund

Oozing hedonism and weary nights at house parties, waxing lyrical about the meaning of life and where the only way to dance is by listening to the sound of your own subversive drum beat - ‘Camel Light’ draws from a world of excess - drinking, partying, sexual endeavours and Friday night FOMO.

Designer Natasha Ovely says the collection skirts the line between a thirst for life and a coping mechanism.

“The fierce individuality of every piece is treated like a character who is armed with ample flourishes of anarchy,” she says.

Strong, unapologetic and brazen these characters are bold and command attention, subverting the notions of bad taste - tiger print, tailored suits with too-short-sleeves and too-short-shorts, and a high-low combination of fabrics from the finest silk jacquards and Japanese denim to sports mesh give the pieces the kind of luxe sports utility that makes them wearable - but not for the faint of heart.

Ovely may be new to the industry, but her work speaks volumes and she isn’t afraid to push her own boundaries - enabling the wearer can push theirs too. The question is, do you dare?

Camel Light oozes Hedonism. Image supplied.

Camel Light oozes Hedonism. Image supplied.

Pieces from Camel Light are made to order only and are now available for purchase through Starving Artists Fund online. The collection is size-inclusive and range from NZD 150- 950.