Part One: I Wait

Words by Sonia Sly

Over the next three weeks NEW K!D is excited to bring you a three-part editorial series. ‘I Wait’ explores what happens when one is at an impasse.


Sit Still


A man sits with knees buckling, while angry children expel screams like fever beating through eardrums - no longer penetrable - stimuli blockers turn hearing to concrete. There is nothing in between.




If queues are made for standing then I shall sit, maybe even lie - in, or out of comfort - blank-faced, unamused, immovable with legs crossed face-to-face with you through a glass screen bleeping your response.




Am I an automated machine? Barely breathing, no room, nor energy for exhalation.

I wait and listen while impatient strangers bypass small talk of fog in favour of petty humour, sheep farming and even rugby...really?



Make like a tree

A woman’s voice blares out from a loudspeaker in a string of meaningless words that hang superfluous like a necklace of monotony around her neck - no inflection or warmth.

Impervious, I drift in and out of sleep...


INVITING THE SILENCE, predicting the capability of my own absence; avoiding eye contact, I THINK WITHOUT SPEAKING

and leave.

Liam wears: Kowtow Victory cardigan and classic shirt / Levi's Jeans / Necklace by NEW K!D Designer Nik HantonShearling jacket by NEW K!D label OUT OF COMFORT / Karen Walker Wanderlust sunglasses in caramel / Hansel From Basel socks / shoes, rings and earring -model's own. 


Shoot Credits

Photography credit - David James

Styling and creative direction - Sonia Sly

Hair and makeup - Michele Perry

Model - Liam from Kirsty Bunny Management