I Am Human

“As a young woman, my existence in this body is challenged due to over-arching systems of patriarchy,” says emerging designer, Kimberly Franklin of her collection, I am Human.

A 2018 graduate of Massey University’s College of Creative Arts, Kimberly Franklin’s collection ‘I am Human’ embodies the tension and constrictions that come with the ‘feminine bodily experience’.

‘I am human’ explores modes of femininity. Image supplied.

‘I am human’ explores modes of femininity. Image supplied.

“I feel like I should live for the gaze of my society,” she says.

Kimberly explores the way in which the female body is never prized for it’s capabilities and strengths. But rather, for how it is presented to the world; that these ‘representations’ or ‘presentations’ of the female form are something that women are taught not to be satisfied with.

In her collection, Kimberly extracts work-wear cues and combines them with delicate embroidered cottons. She uses soft tones which become an extended flesh - a layering that protects and hides the entire body. While elastic bands and white and black straps contain and constrain the body.

“These are accessorized with hanging pocket pieces, using gravity to distort the body while also offering functionality,” she says.

‘I am Human’ is an army - irritable, yet a little naïve. Strong, yet delicate.

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Photography Credit: Sanne van Ginkel