Immersion in Diverse Cultures Inspires Starving Artists Fund

From a young age, Natasha Ovely observed clothing in different contexts and its impact on perception. Her experience of living in and being immersed in different cultures including Asia, the Middle East, New Zealand and Europe has informed the way she views clothing and the way it is interpreted by the wearer.


A vivid image from her childhood is of her mother in Saudi Arabia wearing an abaya with a crop top underneath and a pair of high-waisted jeans, putting her own spin on traditional and contemporary/ western forms of dress.

For Natasha, these instances evoked an interest in how fashion shapes value systems, psychology, cultural identity and forms of protest.

Natasha is a self-taught fashion designer with an approach that is deeply rooted in her Fine Art Sculpture background. This translates directly into her ability to transform clothing into architectural shapes.

She lets the material dictate the starting point and begins draping and cutting the fabric directly onto the body - often without any preconception of the outcome. Natasha launched her gender neutral label Starving Artists Fund this year and also showed at New Zealand Fashion Week.

Find out more about Natasha’s work on the New Kid Directory.

Photography credit: Lorenzo Thapliyal