Girl with the Glitter Tattoo

Heeeeeeeey Grrrrrrrrrrrl with the shiny lips shaking her hips on the dance floor, ditching dishes and high tea, getting high on bright lights that blind in big cities. Drawing attention in shimmery threads, attracting strange looks from bent over ladies pointing gnarled fingers into worn-out faces, smudged from last night’s fake lashes. Still hot and breathless, cos’ she’s the girl with the glitter tattoo.


Who’s that grrrrl

Swinging her Balenciaga, Fendi or whatever the f*$#% latest ‘it’ bag over her shoulder, bouncing off her hip, teetering in gold stilettos towards her diamante limo. Cameras snapping, flashes - flash, flashing. She’s striking her ‘shop now’, ‘pay later’, ‘insta-worthy’ pose.


Don’t mess with the grrrrl with the glitter tattoo

Cos’ she brings moves smoother than Ashtanga yoga poses, bouncing off burnt out pavements in a 70s Sedan - windows rolled down - blasting hip-hop tunes from a bluetooth speaker. Don’t mess with the girl with the glitter tattoo…


Shoot Credits

Photography credit - David James

Styling and creative direction - Sonia Sly

Hair and makeup - Michele Perry

Model - Claudia Kearns from Kirsty Bunny Management

Words by Sonia Sly

Claudia wears: (top images) Hyper-Real jumpsuit , (bottom images) Hyper-Real holographic jacket and Kathryn Wilson heels.