Bubble Bubble

The best pearls aren't necessarily the ones found in your Grandmother's jewellery box occasionally paired with her houndstooth twinsets, but can be found floating in a tall cup of Bubble Tea (also known as Pearl Milk tea).

Today, in any cosmopolitan city you're likely to find shops or stalls serving this delightful drink, and taking a sip is much like a treasure hunt. The tapioca pearls swimming inside this Taiwanese liquid treat is what makes it such a novelty. You can also opt for little cubes of jelly instead, if you don't feel like pearls. But not to worry, Bubble Tea (the milky ones) are basically the Asian equivalent of a milk shake! 


1). Select a flavour - there are so many different kinds of bubble tea some are milky, others are more like a juice and they range from fruit flavours like mango, strawberry, grapefruit, peach and lychee. There are also other flavours that can be served hot or cold, like coffee and two of the most popular are taro milk and green tea flavour, among other more unusual ones like almond, coconut, rose tea (and many more).

2). These drinks are generally sweet, but not overly sweet. Your tea will come in a sealed cup. Stab the lid with the angular end of your large straw, aiming for the centre of the lid.

2). Place the straw strategically over the black pearls floating inside your cup and load your straw with as many of them as possible to supply your mouth with a steady stream of delectable chewy goodness. The pearls are slightly sweet and akin to the texture of jelly lollies.

4). And while it may not be deep fried, "It's finger lickin' good."


Claudia wears Kate Sylvester Zoe tank ( full collection here /   HYPER-REAL jacket (this label found on the NEW K!D Directory) / Levi's jeans.

Shoot Credits

Photography credit - David James

Styling  - Sonia Sly

Hair and makeup - Michele Perry

Model - Claudia from Kirsty Bunny Management