Dan Roberts - An Eye On Street Syle

“Now it’s like a circus and it’s worse than it’s ever been. There are a lot of people turning up to shows to be photographed and not necessarily going to shows...it’s become monetized in a large way.”   - Dan Roberts, Photographer.

New York, Milan, Paris - New Zealand-born photographer Dan Roberts rubs shoulders with the best the international fashion industry has to offer.  His unique aesthetic has seen him shoot for Vogue, Harper's BAZAAR and The Met Gala, but he's the first to admit it's taken him hard work to get there.

Dan grew up in Auckland’s Devonport with a love of skateboarding and surfing. Back then he wasn’t very interested in fashion and a role in the fashion industry never crossed his mind. That changed the day Roberts picked up a camera and today he’s a photographer who works alongside the best in the industry has to offer.

“I’m trying to interpret what’s happening in the industry at any given time [both] on and off the runway and I try and capture that with what people are wearing on the street,” he says.  Listen to the podcast below to find out how Dan captured the imagination of fashion insiders with his site Threadslike, shooting at fashion week events around the world and why it pays to do things your own way...