Part Two: A King For Your Pride

Why should men be constrained by antiquated stereotypes of masculinity? Shouldn’t we all be celebrating a wide range of definitions of manhood?
— Andy Dunn

An essential list for the masculine

In part two of our editorial series we unwrap masculinity - words by gender equity and social inclusion expert, Tim Lawther.


Tools for Success

One penis, Two strong arms, Sleeves rolled up to the forearm, Back problems, Monogamy, Monotony, Monetary superiority, Respect for one’s mum, A mum for your nuclear family, One set of restraints for your aggression, At least a 12-year single malt, Two pointed shoes, Pointed opinions about minorities, Sharp wit, Ironed checked shirt, All your creases ironed out...


Tools & Chicks

One cordless drill

                   Drilling chicks in your dreams

                                Well drilled obedient children

                                               Pride and ego

A king for your pride

 One pair of dark glassses

A yowie suit

                                           Stay one hundred metres wide of any playground

Remain at least one hundred steps behind a woman you’re 'accidentally' following

       Never be in public by yourself

Keep at least two people with you so strangers don’t think you’re a weirdo

One Rudyard Kipling book

One Ernest Hemmingway book

    Extensive home brewing equipment

Home ownership

10cc spermatozoa


Humour as a Tool

A series of over-explanations, One set of jousting sticks, One taxidermy eagle, Ten years management experience, Five pairs of pants to fucking wear, Re-up on your prescription for chill pills, Five sporting achievements, Short back and sides...


Take good care of your tools



A short fuse to never light, Twin carburettors, Twin fantasy, Twiddle your dexterous thumbs, Diddle yourself, One pillow to yell into, One boxing bag, Ten reusable jokes, Tin snips, Tent erecting skills, Time management, A fancy watch, Watch yourself without looking into a mirror.


Liam wears OUT OF COMFORT Overalls / Wilbur Hsu silk top/ Nik Hanton leather necklaces - Placebo Effect Collection (2017) Karen Walker Wanderlust sunglasses in caramel / earring and rings - models own.

Shoot Credits

Photography credit - David James

Styling and creative direction - Sonia Sly

Hair and makeup - Michele Perry

Model - Liam from Kirsty Bunny Management

A King for your Pride was written by Tim Lawther. 

Tim works full-time in gender equity and social inclusion and has enjoyed a varied career in this space, including international youth programmes with Oxfam Australia, disability inclusion initiatives in Timor-Leste, and refugee advocacy in Wellington. He also held a role as Gender Technical Advisor with the United Nations in Timor-Leste, assisting Government to train and employ rural women, and now consults on women’s economic empowerment. He also writes a bit and plays music, and is neurotic about modern masculinity.