"Yada Yada" - Twenty Seven Names Take Inspiration From Seinfeld

It's been 20 years since the final episode of Seinfeld aired in 1998 and the hit U.S sit-com is the source of inspiration behind "Yada Yada"-  the latest collection from Kiwi label, Twenty Seven Names.

Twenty Seven Names , The Stakeout Dress

Twenty Seven Names , The Stakeout Dress

"Yada Yada” - The Collection About Nothing is expressed through the words of a fictional scene in Seinfeld, where quirky character Elaine Benes must create a spring collection about nothing.

Twenty Seven Names co-founder Anjali Burnett says Elaine has been re-imagined through the collection.

"She's flawed, she's neurotic, and she's our favourite," says Burnett.

Much like the sitcom that staked it's claim in comedy for making something out of nothing, this collection represents those intricate moments where seemingly small problems spiral out of control...like running alongside a train, waving the last goodbye, posing on a veranda, the first kiss, yelling "GET OUT"... whispering "come back"… yada yada yada...

"Yada Yada" heralds in Spring with a palette of blossoming blue florals and deep crimson reds in a juxtaposition of love verses hate, and innocence against absolute mayhem!

From left to right: The Love The Drake Overalls / The Library blouse / The Letter dress.

The first drop of "Yada Yada launches 26 July and is available in store and online.

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